Welcome to Tweed Hill Homestead

Join us as we honor the legacy of the Tweed family and discover Tweed Hill Homestead!

Hi There,

No, we are not the Tweeds...

...we just happened to stumble upon their legacy while searching for a place to start our homesteading journey. My name is Shell and along with J, my crazy, tinkering significant other, this is our story.

I am originally from Michigan, while J is a born and raised Pennsylvanian. We met later in our lives through a mutual friend, who said to us both, “you’ll either like him/her or want to kill him/her.” Apparently we liked one another enough to not kill each other; rather we got married and are raising a family. I moved to Pennsylvania and we settled down in the suburbs, but there was always something missing for both of us. 

Even though J was born and raised in the city he had a longing for the country life. I myself being born and raised in the country was always longing to have some space away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs.

We attempted backyard homesteading, much to the chagrin of our neighbors and the irritation of the code enforcement officer. In some respects we succeeded, winning over neighbors by providing fresh produce, and others we failed, as we never did win over the code enforcement officer. Thus our journey began to find some place with acreage we could call our own, away from the prying eyes of the code enforcement officer and neighbors who could literally look into our house windows from theirs.

We searched for many years, and accidentally tripped over a listing for some acreage in rural Pennsylvania. It was a diamond in the rough…very, very rough! The acreage in question was a little over 20 acres, with many outbuildings, mostly deteriorating, some even collapsing after closing, and a house with a bit of a surprise. From the outside the house looked to be your typical, uninspiring, nearly unlikeable, farmhouse. However, the house bared its secrets once you stepped inside and greeted you with hand hewn, squared, 18” chestnut log walls! Well…. at least one wall, we have yet to uncover the rest beneath years of horsehair plaster and paint. Talk about a find!

After a few days of researching, combing through old maps, deeds, and other paperwork in the historical library, we found out this gem was originally surveyed in the 1780s and granted to the Tweed family, with the original homestead being over 400 acres!

While the search for a location is over, since we found a place which speaks to both of us, our homesteading journey has just begun…. join us as we honor the legacy of the Tweed family and discover Tweed Hill Homestead!