February 6

Where Do We Begin?


After looking for several years I was beginning to wonder if we would ever find a place we both agreed on. There was always something that didn’t feel right. One reason or another each of us would find something we didn’t like with the place. From north to south, east to west, it was a never ending circle of searching and viewing appointments. I gave up hope until seemingly out of the blue a listing popped up in my email. Hmmm….20 plus acres, spring fed, plenty of water, pasture, decent house, outbuildings….and the price….not too bad! Most of the items on our checklist fit the bill for this place. “Why not just go look at it?”, I said to J. “We can cross it off the list if we don’t like it.” He agreed and that was the start of a very long, drawn out process to becoming a homesteader.

Now several months into owning the property, we want to share the excitement and discoveries we are making along our way.


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