January 2

Spring House Surprises

Water is such a valuable commodity, without it life would cease to exist. It is no wonder spring houses were built to protect this precious source of life.

Types of Springs

There are many different types of springs. In general they fall into two categories: gravity springs and artesian springs. Gravity springs are just as their name implies. This type of spring is formed by the pull of gravity. Gravity springs include depression springs, contact springs, and fracture or tubular springs. Artesian springs on the other hand occur when water under pressure is trapped between two impervious layers.

Spring Protection

There are many different kinds of protective structures. Spring boxes, seepage spring development structures, and horizontal wells are a few of the many. For our spring at the homestead there is a spring box.

Spring House Structure

Surrounding our spring box is a stone structure that is built into the existing hillside. We have not found a date stone yet, but we do believe this structure was originally built around 1786.

Join us in discovering what other secrets our spring house has in store for us.


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